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Frequently asked questions

Where do you typically fish?

We fish Arkabutla lake, Grenada Lake, Sardis Lake, and Enid Lake

Do you offer lodging?

While we don’t offer direct lodging, we work with a number of different organizations that do, we can help you with finding the perfect place for your group to stay based on your request and needs.

What should I(we) bring?

You should bring season specific clothing. Always bring your rain gear. Also, water is provided; but you should bring drinks/snacks, sun block (lotion), and any other personals you may need. Bananas are NOT allowed on the boat, they bring bad luck! Please use smaller containers if possible for your drinks.

Do I have to purchase a license?

Yes, you can get licenses locally or they can be purchased online from MDWFP.

Do you guarantee fish?

Fish are wild animals, we guarantee you the best opportunity we can provide to get you on fish, and create you and amazing experience. However, depending on weather conditions and time of year the bite can be negatively affected. We guarantee you that we will fish harder for you than we do during a tournament day! In the event of we get no fish, you may be provided with an opportunity for a comp trip.

What is your cancelation policy?

At this time there is no cost to you in the event you need to cancel or reschedule.

What methods do you use to catch fish?

We prefer to spider rig and longline, if you want to use livescope we will be more than happy to spend our day with your group using live image technology to fill the box.

Is fish cleaning included?

Yes, your fish will be dressed and bagged ready for you to ho home and package them for the freezer. Be aware, before freezing your fish, rub each filet down checking for any bones that might remain.

Do we have to wear life vest?

Life vest will be provided for you and MUST be wore at all times that the outboard is running, OR the boat is underway. Small children must wear life vest at all times.